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Ground-Air VHF Communications Project in North Macedonia

The MNAV project for a full integrated ground-air VHF Communications solution is proceeding in line with the schedules. Park Air and TCN successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the VHF radio production factory, Peterborough, UK. The implementation of M-NAV Radio Communication Project keeps going on, thus TCN, as the sub- contractor will provide Installation and Commissioning of VHF Radio System, and supply of shelters, towers, power systems, MW link and Multiplexer and related civil works. This complex project consists in works to be carried out in three MNAV sites: • Skopje Airport Alexander the Great (TX and RX centers, Technical room M-NAV); • Banski Rid (MNAV radar site) • 2700m peak Solunska Glava (MNAV main radio site) The installation of VHF (Very High Frequency) Radio System will increase the quality of communication and will significantly improve the radio coverage of North Macedonia airspace providing better service to terminal and over flight traffic.