Integrated Navigational and Communication Solution for Kosova ANSP



Prishtina, October 6, 2011/- The Republic of Kosova Air Navigation

Service Provider awarded to TCN a contract to implement a new

fully integrated navigational and communications infrastructure

and upgrade the existing systems at “Adem Jashari” Prishtina

International Airport. This project represents the first phase of

Kosova Airspace Modernization.

The Contract was signed on October 6, 2011 between the CEO of

Kosova ANSP, Mr. Bahri Nuredini and CEO of TCN, Mr. Adrian Shehu.

The project has a wide scope and high complexity. EU, Eurocontrol and ICAO standards apply. TCN will supply, install and integrate a new navigational support infrastructure composed of a new, most advanced, MSSR Mode-S Radar, new DVOR and DME systems, will upgrade and relocate another primary and secondary radars, will upgrade and relocate all the ACC/APP/TWR systems into the new tower and ACC building.

TCN will support the regional integration of the Kosova radars and interchange of the air picture and other operational information with neighboring countries. TCN will also supply and integrate new communication systems including a ground-air digital end to end solution, VCCS, and a Communications Recorder system with extended capabilities for Air Picture recording.

To ensure the highly reliable interconnection of all systems, TCN will implement a ring type fiber optic based ground communication network.

Engineering services offered by TCN include survey, computer simulation, design, equipment supply and installation, test, commissioning and training. There will be also civil and electrical works for the accommodation of systems. A new remote site will be constructed as a “green field” sub project and the Golesh site will be renovated.

TCN will also provide new STAR and SID procedures and flight checks in relation to the new air navigational structure.

The overall solution avoids single point of failure by applying adequate topology and providing duplication of critical system components as well as meets the Eurocontrol and other relevant international standards.

TCN’s integrated solution will assist in the provision of air traffic awareness and perform control services, monitoring of the aircraft departure and landing and increase the safety of the airport, but also will enable monitoring of the upper air space allowing the provision of internationally regulated services for the over flights.

The TCN’s solution enhances safety while reducing the controller’s workload and stress by providing correct, consistent and readily available up to date information on the current air traffic situation and by facilitating highly reliable communications.

Mr. Shehu commented that TCN is pleased to offer its expertise for the Kosova Air space modernization and considers this contract as another important achievement and a confirmation our leadership in the area.

“TCN is pleased that has been entrusted by Kosova ANSP to execute this project in accordance with EU, EuroControl and ICAO standards, guidelines and specifications. Systems and solutions included in this project will enable full control of the ANSP over the Kosova Air Space and will significantly improve respective safety services” stated Mr. Shehu during the signature ceremony.

Mr. Nuredini commented: “We trust in the experience and capabilities of TCN, and we expect the successful implementation of this project as a first step towards the modernization of Kosova ANSP which will enable the extension of Republic of Kosova sovereignty over its Air Space.

With the implementation of these new systems Kosova ANSP will increase the safety and efficiency of the operations and will also significantly improve its Air traffic management capabilities, in compliance with the latest standards.

Following its philosophy on offering only the best to its customers, TCN will cooperate with worldwide leading vendors of aviation support systems in order to supply best of class systems and solutions for Kosova ANSP.

The technology partners for this project are Selex-SI (www.selex-si.com), Northrop Grumman (www.northropgrumman.com), Ricochet (www.ricochet-recorder.com), IDS (www.idscompany.it), etc.

The period of performance is expected to be 36 months.