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TCN operates in a very competitive market, both, in Albania and internationally. It participates in local and international tenders, it negotiates direct contracts, and it is familiar with a variety of customers. Some of the advantages that have contributed to the success story of TCN during these last two decades in the market are as follows:

  • The ability to implement turnkey projects, including infrastructure, energy and auxiliary systems.
  • The ability to mobilize highly skilled resources at a very competitive cost.
  • The wide network of partners, business associates, and other contacts in many countries.
  • The highest class of technology partners, suppliers, vendors, and other organizations involved in the various projects.
  • The extensive and trust based relations with existing and potential customers.
  • The extended knowhow about the tender and other administrative procedures applied in the various countries of interest.
  • The ability to identify and pursue the opportunities and to evaluate the potential rate of success.
  • The ability operate effectively also in high risk countries, conflict areas and post-war situations.