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  • STAR/SID procedure Design
    • SID, STAR & Approach Flight Procedures Design ICAO PANS-OPS
    • Instrument Approach flight procedures
    • Satellite based flight procedures and trajectory calculation
    • SID, STAR & Approach Chart Template Definition
    • Fixes tolerance calculation
    • Minima calculation, holding and missed approach construction
    • Noise Analysis


  • Airspace planning
    • AIP standard procedure and design
    • Route design and separation rules
    • Speed and/or altitude restrictions
    • TMA study and design
    • Sector capacity analysis
    • Parallel or converging approaches
    • Location of NAVAIDS



  • VFR and CTR Design
    • Design of Conventional IFR and CTR Procedures
    • Minimum Vectoring Altitude VFR Map
    • Designed according to requested standards criteria
    • In fully accordance with the safety criteria and safety performance.
    • In full compliance with the requests from Air Traffic Control
    • Environmentally acceptable


  • Flight checks
    • Approach NAVAIDS
    • Navigation beacons
    • Visual AID and PAPI
    • New landing & take-off procedures
    • Primary / Secondary Radar


  • ATC Document Management
    • Next generation AIP document publication management system
    • e-AIP key features:
    • Easy to use and easy to learn web interface
    • Sophisticated XML document editor
    • Document repository with version control
    • Separation of content and style
    • Workflows and Work Packages
    • Concurrent editing and conflict resolution
    • Automatic highlighting of changes
    • Publication in various output formats, such as PDF and HTML


  • Measurement and calibration
    • Supply of measurement instruments and calibration services
    • Certified, accurate and high quality data
    • Consistent high quality automatic calibration system for Navigational equipments.
    • Most accurate measurement instruments in the ATC Solutions industry.
    • Compliance with any national and international standar
  • Central Control & Monitoring
    NAV, COM, MET, IT Systems Status info gathering & display.

    • Detailed info for Sub systems failures and faults.
    • Status information processing, display and storing.
    • Web interface for operator workstations.


    • Efficient System Maintenance
    • Low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
    • Spare Parts optimization and efficient usage
    • Fast failure detection & easy reporting
    • Optimizes monitoring staff