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Security Check Solutions

Passive integrated solutions for buildings, ports, airports, city urban, etc

Under Vehicle Inspection

  • Possibility to take multiple images of vehicles, retrieve the relevant plate number and alert staff on vehicles
  • Stores all information relevant to traffic movement,
  • Streaming infrastructure  to  communicate  in  TCP/IP  environment  to remote sites over LAN, WAN, wireless.
  • Possibility to operate  with  a  remote  control  and  send  SMS, Text messages to mobile phones.
  • Speeding vehicles’ plate recognition (200KpH) and 24HR/365 day operation.


Container code recognition

Key features

  • High recognition rate
  • Easy and fast integration (SDK)
  • Fast recognition
  • Recognition from several images of the same container
  • Recognize horizontal and vertical text, two or three row codes

Typical application environments

  • Automation of airport and harbor logistics
  • Border control management
  • Container surveillance systems
  • Inventory management


Vehicle scanning system

  • Car Scanning System.
    • Is a drive thru x-ray scanner to screen occupied cars, minibuses and vans.
    • It assists  security  operators  in  identifying  the presence of hidden people and smuggling items, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics.
  • Truck Scanning System
    • Drive thru  x-ray  scanner  to  screen  occupied Big and small Truck, Buses;
    • Identifying the presence of hidden people and smuggling items, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics.
  • X-Ray Scanner for plane
  • Unique solution to scan in minutes the fuselage and wings as complete inspection and assessment of damages of an helicopter or airplane.


Distance Scanner for explosives

  • Real-time stand-off, long range explosive detection
  • Ideal solution for IED, Vehicle, Suspicious Baggage, Checkpoint security
  • Allows crew to remain at safe distance from the IED.
  • Day-Night operation
  • Can detect a wide range of commonly known explosives
  • Detects improvised, “home-made” explosives
  • Detection with ~10 secs (on a 10cm x 10 cm area)
  • Low False-Negative and False-Positive results
  • to detect chemical agents and illicit drugs