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The network infrastructure forms the backbone of an organization’s business. TCN provides a broad range of network solutions and services to ensure an organization’s network infrastructure remains robust, and scalable to support the changing business environment and manage evolving security risks.

  • Networking
    • Network cabling solutions that are customized to meet customers’ needs for voice, video, and data integration.
    • Building and Campus LAN. Infrastructure deployment using equipment that comprise cabling, switches, router, and firewall for single or multi-site location.
    • Extranet / Intranet. Provision of secured VPN/router connectivity solution for enterprises over the Internet.
    • Hotspot with Wireless Access. Secured wireless LAN solutions for mobile applications and areas unreachable by wire-line technologies.
    • Storage Networking. Provides a better way of accessing, managing, and protecting growing information resources across a consolidated fiber channel, IP, Gigabit Ethernet, and optical network infrastructure.
  • Network Management Services
    • Fault Detection, Notification and Management. Provides real-time alert and notification of fault, threshold, and event occurrence in an enterprise network.
    • Performance Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting, and Management. Provides customized solution to gather, analyze, and report enterprise network performance and health.
    • Configuration Management. Provides customized solution to manage the configuration of network devices.