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  • Information management and governance

TCN delivers a portfolio of modular solutions that help organizations access and understand human and computer generated information. Our approach understands information in its context-without bias to repository or location-and organizes and controls this data with a centralized policy engine, so that customers can intelligently manage and take action upon data in accordance with legal & compliance, business & operational, and information management needs.

Information Management is key to addressing the top concerns of senior executives – but doing it effectively is not easy. We provide Information Management solutions that address the real pressure points:

    • Case Management to improve efficiency of the back office by automating key business processes
    • Business Insight to improve customer experience through a better view of how organizational performance meets their changing needs
    • Collaboration services for improved business agility
    • Information Risk Management to help organizations secure their information and comply with regulation
    • Enterprise Content Management solutions to manage complexity and help organizations create, approve, publish and manage information across multiple channels, from the web to old fashioned paper.


  • Enterprise Content Management

Better manage your information. Ensure the right information is available in the right place at the right time. Share knowledge, collaborate on projects and improve business processes:

    • Reuse, repurpose, and share content
    • Quickly locate and access important company information and media, including images, audio, video and website content
    • Streamline content-intensive business processes and speed online access to vital information
    • Information Governance key product offerings include:
    • Policy Based Governance: Gain data transparency through consistent and repeatable application and enforcement of policies
    • Information Archiving: Centralize data from key information sources across the world and across the enterprise
    • Enterprise Content Management: Improve productivity, streamline processes, and comply with records management requirements.
  • Storage and Archiving
    • Information Archiving: Centralize data from key information sources across the world and across the enterprise
  • Cloud Computing Systems
    • Multiple cloud support and analytics
    • Provides cross-cloud (on- and off-premises) resource pool
    • Enables cross-cloud resource utilization reporting
    • Delivers visibility to on-premises and public cloud usage costs
    • Enables self-service infrastructure provisioning
    • Provides project-based resource access and management
    • Allows access tools, templates, and services via service catalogs
    • Provides use of existing developer tools and orchestration scripts
    • Stands up private clouds and connect to public clouds in minutes “As-a-service” approach
    • Reduces operational cost with software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based control plane
    • Integrates existing VM resources as a private cloud option
    • Reduces active hands-on operations for hardware, firmware, and VMware
    • Provides on-demand provisioning