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  • Structure:
    • Different standard dimensions 20 Feet or 40 Feet, 4×2.5×2.8m, 8x5x2.8m, 12x4x2.8m or customized size as per specific requirements.
    • Frame and the base made from hot dipped galvanized steel profiles
    • Walls made from 80mm polyurethane panels with external cladding from galvanized steel coated with 200μm thick plastic cover
  • Features / Additional devices:
    • Steel or aluminum profile doors equipped with a security lock, antipanic bar, door stay mechanism and a hook and eye security point in the fully opened position.
    • Cable entry device for cables and wave guides
    • Overhead cable trays in the internal shelter’s perimeter near the ceiling (various widths) secured on the internal shelter’s walls by DIN Rails
    • Fire Detection and extinguishing system
    • Electromagnetic protection by Faraday Cage
    • Environmental sensors (Data logger, flood, temperature, intruder, moving, etc)
    • Equipotential copper grounding bars 300x50x5mm
    • Electrical Infrastructure (Lights, power sockets, distribution panel)
    • Surveillance cameras (High resolution Indoor and outdoor cameras, NVR)
    • Data network with LAN sockets