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Direction Finder

  • Chart Integration
    • Bearing Lines
    • Per Channel Coloring
    • Per Channel History Length
  • Signal Information
    • Channel and Frequency
    • Bearing
    • Standard Deviation
    • Signal Strength
  • Channel ConfigurationFeatures
  • Universal dual-band direction finder system for the VHF marine and aviation bands and the VHF/UHF aviation bands
  • SAR direction finder, communication direction finder and navigation aid
  • Automatic monitoring of emergency frequency 121.500 MHz during work on marine radio band
  • High reception sensitivity to permit detection of extremely weak or distant signals
  • Selective squelch to avoid false alarms
  • Display of bearing with reference direction as true north, magnetic north or relative
  • Completely illuminated control unit
  • Optimized signal processing for fast, stable direction finding
  • Excellent localization precision
  • NMEA, RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces for system integration and remote control capability
  • Correction of lag error after changes in direction
  • Optimized for use at sea: robust, compact design, waterproof (IP67)