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Intel and Investigation

  • Long range interception
    • A reliable tactical solution
    • Extracts IMSI and IMEI identities
    • Phones operating in 2G/3G/4G (GSM/UMTS)
    • Operational at a distance up to 120 km
    • Localize people
    • Field tested system
  • Investigation systems
    • Directional Microphone
    • 3G and 4LTE interceptor
    • People localizer
    • Micro-cameras and GPS
    • Micro-transmitter and receiver video HD cofdm with recorder 3G
  • Tactical Audio and Video system
    Tactical Microphone Array

    • Record video and all audio channels covertly during mission or deploy the self-contained array in advance and start recording later.
    • Rapid recording. Simply power up the system with the attached battery and start recording to the built in solid-state drive immediately.

Audio Enhancement

    • Post processing tools for offsite analysis and audio enhancements of recorded files
    • Playback recorded audio and video
    • Audio Intensity Plot
    • Export selected and audio enhanced scenes from area of interest to a standard format for media players
  • Mobile phone interceptor

Passive Mobile phone 4LTE and 3G interceptor in different configurations. IMSI and IMEI Catcher (optional interceptor) for:

    • Vehicle installation
    • Tactical operation
    • Handheld for public locations
  • People localizer

Last Mile Positioning Device, key features

    • Highly Accurate and Reliable positioning
    • Superior Range and Resistance to interference
    • Covertly Operated through a Smartphone
    • Geographic Detection Layers
    • Line of Bearing Calculation and Display
  • Countermeasures
    • Microphone inhibitor
    • Audio Recorder Jammer
    • Non-linear junction detector The Double Probing Frequency non-linear junction detector is the indispensable tool for quick detection of devices containing semi conductor devices.
    • Frequency Detector
    • Multi purpose search device.

RF Detector Frequency Meter for:

      • Cellular phones of GSM900/1800, UMTS(3G), CDMA450 standards;
      • DECT phones;
      • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices;
      • Wireless video cameras;
      • Radio transmitters with analogue modulation (AM, FM, PM) etc.

Multi purpose search device for

      • Radio microphones;
      • Telephone transmitters;
      • Radio-stethoscopes;
      • Concealed video cameras with a radio channel for transmission of information etc.
    • Shielded Rooms Against Electromagnetic Emission. Made of Electronic Conductive Textile
  • Custom vehicle installations, covert and overt configurations