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Remote Sites

Remote site Construction

  • Site civil and construction works
  • Tower foundations, shelter basements, fence foundations
  • Concrete Buildings. High standards buildings designed for special purposes and customized to the specific functionalities
  • Force Protection


Sites Equippment

  • Telecommunication and IT Infrastructure
  • LV and MV Power Infrastructure
  • Back up power with UPS and Diesel Generators
  • LED indoor and outdoor illumination, environmental monitoring
  • Surveillance and other site security solutions
  • Safety solutions Grounding and Lightning protection


Remote Sites Monitoring

  • Site Systems Status info integration and display
    • Detailed information’s for the Systems/Subsystems failures and faults.
    • Status information processing, display and storing
    • Environmental and, meteo conditions
    • Site access and personnel activities
  • Central Monitoring Systems.
    • Integration of several systems into one remote and control system.
    • Web interface for operators workstations.