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Perimeter Protection

Force Protection

  • Steel, robust fence and gates meeting MIL standards
  • Anti RAM Bollards, Hydraulic barriers with fast deployment
  • Hydraulic Road Blocker
  • Drop Arm Barrier MIL grade
  • Guard posts with ballistic protection


Fence safety solutions

Multiple video recording points with multiple Technologies:
Set up on stakes located along the perimeter and composed by:

  • PTZ cameras with high resolution zoom.
  • Short Range Thermal Cameras.
  • Sensor devices  and  electronics integrated into the fence design to reduce installation and integration costs.
  • The fence is ready to pipe in all electric and communication wires from origin to avoid additional channeling on site.
  • Sensor devices are camouflaged and hidden in the actual fence.


Access Control

  • RFID or biometric
  • Time monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Automatic License Plate Identification