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TIS (Tower Integrated System) is a computer system providing an integrated and homogenous solution to monitoring, control and display requirements of an airport tower.

TIS consists in

  • Uniform monitoring across different functions and systems applying optimized HMI ergonomics instead of different displays from different vendors
  • Compact Human-Machine-Interface covering all sub-systems instead of 1 screen for each sub-system provider
  • Real-time information at your finger tips instead of “all” functions open at all times on all screens
  • Continuous logging providing real time capture of tower events
  • Cost effective and flexible adaption enabling customer specific needs and preferences



Features of TIS

  • Designed with a fault tolerant and modular architecture
  • Scalable to suit the functional and capacity requirements of any civil or military tower.
  • Provides decisional support information to the Air Traffic Control Operator (ATCO).
  • The system is based on COTS components with the main processing being performed by high reliability rack servers.
  • Industrial IP-based components are used to interface to the various external systems. The components are interconnected using a dual Ethernet network providing a fault tolerant architecture. Monitors allow the use of the latest state of the art technology and provide the most comprehensive Human Machine Interface.
  • The software is implemented using a modular and flexible architecture which allows the HMI to be tailored to any individual customer’s requirement.
  • Step-by step implementation ensures continuous TWR operations without interruptions.


TIS Benefits

  • Increased ATCOs’ effectiveness and productivity because complex decisions made efficiently with less effort
  • Increased safety due to better management of tower operations and critical information available at the right time
  • Enhanced ATCOs’ work environment quality due to a workplace designed around the Tower’s operational processes / the ATCO’s workflows
  • Increased ATCOs’ work satisfaction


Applicable systems that can be integrated into TIS solution include:

  • Airfield Lighting Control
  • MET Info Display
  • AWOS
  • NavAids Status Monitoring & Control
  • Datalink Departure Clearance
  • Flight Data
  • Publications
  • Maps
  • CAT III Status Panel
  • Crash Alarm / Red-Telephone
  • AFTN Display
  • Direction Finder
  • GPS Time
  • Tower Cabin Task Lighting
  • Sun Shade Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Entrance Control
  • Data logging of all system I/O
  • Electronic Flight Strips
  • Alarm Monitoring & Control
  • Consoles
  • Radio Control Panels
  • Tower Cabin Interior