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TCN’s services portfolio provides a customized set of design and engineering, installation and test, multi vendor system integration, full integration of end-user applications into the supplied systems, and after sale support options specific to the requirements of each project. Getting the systems, supplied, installed, up and running with minimal or no operation interruption is critically important to both clients and their users who rely on the systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Designing the most cost-effective and flexible solution begins with targeted assessment of customers’ business, development vision, operational environment and systems security and reliability. TCN’s design and engineering services encompass all the essential functions necessary to ensure implementation of cost-effective, flexible and reliable infrastructure.
TCN services portfolio includes Project Management by offering a single point of contact for the entire project, including third party management and risk mitigation.
TCN ensures a high level of system availability and performance while reducing costs. Maintaining these quality standards while achieving aggressive operational objectives is a real challenge. TCN helps clients achieve these objectives, whether through simple maintenance support models, or more complex operations outsourcing relationships.