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Tactical Solutions

  • Sniper Management System
    • Fire control system for snipers’ rifles to manage a synchronized fire
    • Also for grenade and rocket launchers
    • Permits to the commander remotely to see the image coming from the riflescope of the sniper
  • EOD Improvised Explosive Ordinance Disposal
  • NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical protection systems
  • VIP People Solutions
  • Service Vehicles
    • Highly mobile and rapid
    • Multiple robot control
    • Equipped for
      • Investigation
      • Reconnaissance
      • Intervention
    • Armor plated
    • Integrated Communications
    • All terrain
  • Special equipments
    • Non lethal defense systems
      • Gas masks
      • Tear gas fog ejector and pepper spray
    • Shields, Body Armor (Less than 1 kg) and Helmets
    • Night vision
    • Google Thermal cameras
    • Break Through Kits
      • We believe that fast response, portability and convenient action are major elements that enable the security and rescue forces to perform their tasks.
      • Therefore, we continue, to provide the Break Through Kit we supply lighter and more compact kits to meet operational requirements. Our mission is to enable you to Save Lifes and Enforce Security.
    • Ballistic Shields

Armor  and  Ballistic  resistance film and shield, you can turn your existing door/window glass into BALLISTIC level. Protects you and your belonging from Bullet, Explosion, Robbery, Hijack, Smash, Flying stone, Petrol Bomb, etc.

It is developed under a very unique design with advantages as below:

  • Very light Flexible, Bendable
  • Water resistance and Hard to ignite
  • Easy to cut with hardware equipment (grinder) and easy to install
  • Does not affect vehicle or facility design, no modification required.
  • Jamming system
    • System (GSM, 3G/ UMTS, CDMA)
    • Selective Cellular Jamming System
    • Protection against remote controlled bombs in police operations
    • Protecting VIPs from the threat of roadside bombs (IEDs or RCIEDs) has become a top priority for Governments and VIP Security Agencies internationally.
    • The Jammer delivers the most effective mobile RCIED neutralization, camouflaged inside a choice of several different luxury type vehicles.
    • Special Jammers that permit to a “ white list “ to continue to operate.