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  • Point-to-Point wireless Ethernet bridges operating in the 5.4 and 5.8 GHz bands at speeds up to 105 Mbps.


  • Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) benefits, including:
    • High-Speed Near Line of Sight (nLOS) Access: Powerful OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology to deliver exceptional LOS/nLOS coverage with solutions that are able reach around buildings and other obstructions.
    • High Throughput: Enhanced throughput of up to 21 Mbps supporting today’s most in-demand — but bandwidth-intensive — applications such as VoIP, video surveillance, high-speed Internet access, multiple voice connections, and many more.
    • Long Range Connectivity: Extends network connectivity ranges to distances of five miles (eight kilometers) or more per AP cluster, facilitated by higher gain antennas, rate adaptive modulation schemes and longer cyclic prefixes.
    • Cost-Effective Co-Location: Cost-effectiveness is driven by its ability to co-locate with other equipment to provide either network extension or a network overlay. For new operators, the system provides a globally proven all-outdoor solution, with reduced power consumption, fast, simple deployment, high reliability and low-cost ongoing operation.


  • Air Interface protection features to:
    • Proactively assess security posture of wireless networks,
    • Enable IT professionals to remotely find and secure vulnerabilities in their wireless network
    • Automates regulatory compliance reporting


  • Cost effective, remote monitoring and diagnostics ensuring:
    • Continuous performance and stability monitoring,
    • Immediate event detection
    • And troubleshooting.


  • Software solutions for quick and accurate planning, design and measurement of robust 802.11a/b/g/n networks with demanding applications in most challenging environments.
  • RF Management System and Wireless IPS for network building and maintenance.
  • Wireless STAR/MESH network solution with secure auto detection feature.


We supply several products for Wireless Star or Mesh networks including:

  • Access Points
  • End user terminals
  • Point-to-point transceiver
  • Mesh wireless video camera
  • Mobility Enabled Access (MEA) mobile broadband radios
  • Wireless router


We supply the below listed WiMAX Solutions

  • Wi4 WiMaX WAP Access Points (light infrastructure)
  • WiMAX CPEi fixed devices
  • Wi4 WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway