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  • Crypto technologies
  • Antenna satellite on movement for vehicle, ship and aircraft
  • Audio and video communication system, on mobile vehicles connected (NLOS and LOS) to the central unit
  • Fast civil communication in area not covered (by balloon)


VSAT links

  • 1-Way and 2-Way In-motion Satellite Communication
  • Mobile satellite antennas fixed parabolic antennas and mounted on a vehicle platform.
  • Low-profile satellite antenna that provides automatic and autonomous operation while the vehicle is in motion


Emergency Mobile Communication

  • P-SAT provides a perfect combination of satellite technology and 4G LTE mobile network service
  • Generates a cost-effective and efficient solution for areas without 4G coverage area proportion
  • The 4G P-SAT provides full IP, voice, web access and TV services at up to 47mbit/sec
  • The 4G p-sat covers more than 60x the area covered by the standard telecom tower in which the mobile device can connect to the base transceiver station (BTS)
  • The 4G P-SAT can reach 800m altitude compared to 30m of the towered 4G BTS