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TCN’s IT and Telecommunications infrastructure solutions enable government agencies or corporations to meet the needs of end users, optimize resources and generate more revenue. Our integrated solutions are simple and cost-effective. They count for the increase of productivity in a secure environment, as well as they can be upgraded as the customer organization evolves.


At TCN, we understand the communications needs of our customers, who are looking for ways to enhance services, while remaining within available budgets, and have experience building converged voice and data networks for a wide range of governmental authorities, corporations or other businesses. An effective communication structure is essential for a dynamic enterprise, connecting customers with end users and making communication and knowledge the driving forces in the business processes.


TCN has successfully implemented several projects with regard to VoIP Solutions; Cyber Security; Data Storage; Networking and System Administration; Microwave and FO Transmission Networks; Telephone Equipment/Systems; Software; Switching Equipment; Communication Systems: Coverage Simulation; VHF Systems; TETRA; Wireless Communications; Satellite Communications.