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Frangible Masts

  • Passive safe and frangible masts build in durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum or fiber glass
  • With modular structure that enables adjustable heights and a number of accessory kits
  • Mast systems for visual and non-visual aviation equipment
  • Masts and gantries for signs and active traffic information
  • Customizable Gantry solutions for wide roads and motorways
  • Accessories for systemized product configuration and combination as well as fastening of equipment (Ladder Kit, Foundation Kit, Antenna Rack, Fall arrest system)
  • Height up to 16 m
  • Applications: Approach light masts, ILS – GP and LOC, FOD and Radio antennas, DME antennas, AWOS and wind cone masts, cloud scanning, perimeter surveillance, etc
  • Products can be adapted to special needs and client requirements
  • Masts are full-scale tested and approved according to European safety standard EN-12899 for road traffic and ICAO safety standards for aviation as well as CE-certified