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Metallic Structures

  • Towers:
    • PSR and SSR Towers. Height: 10-30m. Supplied with Radom base ring, antenna platform on the top, access stairs with lighting and rest platforms, cable trays. access lock device, etc
    • Marine radar Towers. Height 10-60 m. Supplied with working platforms, stairs, access lock device, and other accessories.
    • Radio Systems Towers. Height 10-40m high, antenna platforms, protected lateral stairs, cable trays, security climb devices.
    • ILS Height 2-15m, cable trays, protected stairs
    • Meteorological Systems masts Height 3 – 10m, foldable, with erection device.
    • Towers and masts made of hot dip galvanized steel
    • Survival wind speed 180-260 km/hour
    • External polyurethane painting compliant with ICAO. IALA or specific customer requirements
  • Counterpoises:
    • DVOR antenna systems
    • DME antenna
    • Hot dip galvanized steel structures
    • External polyurethane painting compliant with ICAO requirements
  • Masts
    • Various applications, for sensors, AFL, Meteo Systems, radio communications, video surveillance, etc
    • Height 3-15 m
    • Guyed or self supportive
    • Foldable, or with erection devices