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Land Surveillance

Surveillance Tower

Control System and object/threat verification, based on Tower with integrated electronic conveyor platform composed by:

  • Camera / Night Camera.
  • Thermal Camera.
  • Laser Range Finder.
  • Weather Station.
  • NBC Radars.
  • Passive Land Radars.


Urban Patrol

  • A Guardian system to  patrol a large urban area where quick deployment and communication back up are needed.
  • The system can be easily deployed and moved according to the mission needs and changes.
  • Any Urban vehicle can tow it on a trailer. A small and compact pick-up vehicle can easily integrate it on the loading plan.
  • The system will work as a situational awareness system and as communication channel and back up:
  • Video analysis: full situational description.
  • Field of view: open field 500 m vehicle plate detection
  • 100 m crowd detection 130 m facial recognition LTE (4G) connection as communication cloud GSM communication back-up 3 months autonomy